Welcome to The Change Works Hypnotherapy. If you want to change, but don't know how, or where, to begin then give us a call.   If you’re having problems sleeping, need to motivate yourself, give up smoking or drinking, improve your diet, exercise more, improve relationships or learn to relax deeply to reduce anxiety and stress then hypnosis can help you.

You have a FREE 30 minute consultation waiting for you when you are ready: 07890 413188 Deep Relaxation FREE download: Please feel free to help yourself to a copy of our FREE recording.  Just fill in the your name and email and we will send it back to you. It will relax your whole body and then your mind. If you are having problems switching off, detatching from a situation or just getting to sleep, then try this and feel the difference. With regular use you will find yourself more relaxed during the day and not so stress by life’s little irritations. This takes roughly 20 minutes, with the option to either wake yourself up or to have a nap at the end, so please leave yourself plenty of time. More audio downloads will be available on the Downloads page We won't pass your details onto any one else.  If you would prefer not to be contacted by us again concerning our other downloads and free products please say so in your initial message.

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